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    Daytona College
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    • Reviewed by: Catherine L
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      I can't express how glad I am to have had the opportunity to attend Daytona College. Daytona College stands on the top of the list of instruction for learning skills of fact, information and hands on Therapeutic Massage training. The knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modalities combined with life experiences were truly remarkable. The instructors skilled abilities, teaching methods and technique to transfer learning into simple concepts that anyone could comprehend and apply was amazing. My learning exprerience at Daytona College was such an educational bliss. I highly recommend attending !! - Catherine Lauria -

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    • Reviewed by: Ashley M, Associate in medical-assistant-school
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      DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SCHOOL! I didn?t even start going to school here because of so many problems. First off I?m in the military and they pay for up to a Bachelor?s degree- I was trying to go to school here for an ASSOCIATE?S! When I talked to Donna (one of the admission?s women) she told me about the medical assistant program offered online and it sounded good- too good to be true. She then referred me to Bell (Financial Aid) and Bell TOLD ME (I have the emails) that the school had dealt with Army, and other military branches, and knows all about the steps on how to get the money from them. So I pay the 100$ application fee (talk about a lot of money just for the application? probably because they don?t actually have students going there.) Well, I go online to the education center and guess what? THE SCHOOL IS NOT EVEN LISTED. And this isn?t some little list of major colleges in the country, THIS IS THE MASTER LIST OF EVERY SCHOOL THAT THE ARMY DEALS WITH, ONLINE, COMMUNITY, EVERYTHING. But isn?t it odd this college wasn?t listed?? The schools are on this list because they are actual REAL colleges, that are acceptable, and their degrees mean something?. Not this one window hole who NO ONE has heard about. They make this list so stupid people (like myself) don?t get scammed out of their money. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED. But I kept looking online for reviews to this school, but strangely this school does not have one?. REALLY?! Not one review? should?ve been a sign. SO almost 3 weeks later I get an update on why the school isn?t on the list- THEY NEVER HAD PEOPLE GO TO SCHOOL THEIR ONLINE AND USE ARMY MONEY. Wait, what?? But what about what Bell told me, the emails I have where she says she?s down this before, what about the ton of other people she said went to school online?? Bullsh*t. I respectfully tell the school I no longer want to go there because I have waited a month already and the school has yet to even be approved for the military money and I have NO time frame on when I would be able to go. And guess what they told me? They can?t refund me the application fee because it has been longer than 3 days.. WELL NO SH*T they told me to wait to see when it would be approved, which it never was. SO I?ve basically waited a month, and 100$ to be told it?s my fault. Don?t think just because I was waiting on the military money your experience will be different, you can tell how this ?college? works. Don?t go here for your medical assistance program, GO ANYWHERE else. This is a cosmetology school trying to get your money so they introduce medical assistant? what do they know about medical? Their main program was massage- look up the school before they changed their name. I talked to a private college and they said I didn?t even have to use all my military money since it?s just an associate?s degree? so Bell was going to let me use ALL my money on this sh**ty school. THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU RIGHT?! Just do yourself a favor and look into another school. If you can?t do college campuses then look for a better known online college. There are so many that offer medical assistant, do not choose this one. If it sounds too good to be true, it?s because it is!!! Oh btw, this school IS NOT part of Daytona State College- they may try to sound like they are but they aren?t. This is some shack not even in Daytona. Look it up on Google maps.

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