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    Flashpoint Academy
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    • Reviewed by: ulises o, Bachelor
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      have youfinished attending flashpoint academy ?

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      The school has a good feel and many of the professors have good intentions. Unfortunately this is all blacked out by the fact that the main goal of the FP higher-ups right now is to get the school accredited. The school goes all out in the tour stating that the school is so "hands-on" and doesn't want it's students to waste their time with classes that don't pertain to your focus study. They then turn around after you are all signed up and paid for and reveal that you will be taking about 3 "core studies" classes to every class you take in the field your interested in. The core studies classes include English Comp I, Mathematics, Speech, ect....Sounds alot like the classes I took at community college and come to FP to escape. Good thing you've already given them your 50,000 dollars. I still attend there but I am looking for an out. I can't get my money back and I've invested almost 2 years of my life into the school now, and every time the subject of "core studies" comes up you are told that you need to just go to them, no questions asked. I was even told once to skip my focus study class to go to a core studies class when they were scheduled at the same time! Go to the class that I want to go to, the class that I thought the school would be filled with, or go to Math. Give them a shot, go on the tour and see what you think, but be sure to make them lay out the whole Core Studies program and show you a example of what your daily class schedule will be. I'm willing to bet you won't want to go there after that. I wish I hadn't.

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