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    Hickey College
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      This school teaches you how to prepare for the real world workplace. The degree of difficulty is easy as compared to universities and even some community colleges. Hickey teaches you a lot about professionalism, which is needed, although I would not go here if you are planning on continuing your education by getting your Bachelors, Masters, etc. Reason being is because this is a proprietary school and even though it is accredited, none of your credits will transfer to a major university such as University of MO, St. Louis University, etc because most major universites have a different accreditation. Trust me, as a graduate from here, I have already tried getting my credits to tranfer to a university and they did not except any. If you are thinking about getting an Accounting Degree here for instance then plan on only getting data entry jobs and making under 30k a year. Just remember you will be beat out by someone with more experience and a higher degree from a higher institution for a job. So bottom line is if you are thinking about having a competitive advantage over everyone, I would advise to go to a 4-year institution and receive that higher pay.

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