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    The Canadian Aesthetic Academy
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    • Reviewed by: Laura P
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      it is just horrible...We are forced to clean and do janitorial duties including: sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning out washrooms and toilets, taking out garbage, and a few of which are not meant for a PAYING student to do; this is a janitors job, or even the owners if they do not feel the desire to hire one. Not all of our schooling we payed for is taught to us, and is not taught to us in the basic standard we will need to know when we go out into the working world of esthetics. Some of the instructors are very rude and inconsiderate towards others, and treat many of the students like garbage, as well as using threatening tones to do as they are asked of doing - ex. cleaning duties,questions,etc. There is no administrator, and it is very hard to ask questions about our schooling unless you are willing to get into an argument.Many who come to check out this school luckily have seen the unorganization and chose to go to another school =)

      On the flip side, we do have a couple very amazing instructors who are the only reason I can get through this schooling, and wanting to learn from them. Unfortunately who knows how long they will put up with this school either..

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