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    The Culinary Institute of America
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    • Reviewed by: Rocco X
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      Dont send your kids here save money. If you're from NY state, send them to Cobleskill--for the cost of 1 year's tution here(just tution living not included)you can pay for 4 years (including living costs) at SUNY Cobleskill. Im a 16 year veteran of the culinary industry and came to CIA for my degree so I could enter restaurant management and get out of the kitchen. Don't spend $90,000 for an AOS degree and be treated as if you're in bootcamp. Go where you can spend $40,000 over 4 years and get a bachelors that enable you to be management, not be another $10 an hour line cook. This degree is not worth the money. After this, I'll be about $75,000 in debt and still only be hired at less than or the same pay as I received before entering this money trap.

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    • Reviewed by: Merrilee M
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      I am extremely annoyed with the lack of clear communication and the food service requirement that this school demands. I am an older student who has work experience in a different venue and have decided on a career change to the food industry. I have applied, gone through testing, and have spoken with many people in the admissions department. At first my admission was denied due to my lack of food service experience, and then I received a call a few weeks ago telling me I was accepted. I started making plans and trying to get in touch with financial aid via their website (which by the way, does NOT work and you get an autoreply message telling you that your email did not go through) . FA is telling me they don't have paperwork I sent them months ago, and now in today's e-mail I got a message from a different admissions department rep telling me I have only been accepted to this school conditionally because I haven't fulfilled the food service requirement.

      This is freaking ridiculous. I'm going to go and apply to Le Cordon Bleu, which is 1/3 of the price of this school and is more open to accepting people who are older and transitioning careers.

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