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Making a Living in the Limelight: Five High-Profile Careers

Not all jobs require you to stay behind a desk with only your voicemail for human contact. With the right career training, you can have an exciting career that puts you in the limelight all week long. The following high-profile career choices not only satisfy your inner attention-hog, they can help you influence your community.… | Read More

The Exam Apocalypse: How to survive finals

Final exams can give you a lot of anxiety, so if you are wondering how you will ever survive the impending apocalypse, read these tips and maybe you will find something to help your studies.… | Read More

A guide to a more marketable you after graduation

Internships and online social networking sites aren’t the only way college students can market themselves towards a promising future. Read more to find out how you may become a well-rounded college student and translate your work into professional success.… | Read More

Must have apps to get you through college

The college lifestyle should not be a daunting experience for incoming freshmen. From grocery shopping lists to strict organization management, help is only an app away!… | Read More

What paralegals and legal assistants earn

Salaries for this interesting and challenging job vary widely from state to state and in different areas of the country. Find out where you can find the highest paralegal and legal assistant salaries.… | Read More

The top 10 books to read before you step foot on campus

From philosophy to networking, these classic books can help you make the most out of college.… | Read More

7 major myths of crime scene investigation

Don't believe everything you see on television. Crime scene investigators are interested in science, not in life-threatening drama. Here we debunk seven myths about the CSI profession.… | Read More

What is a Criminalist?

Criminalists play a critical role in criminal justice, using scientific investigation to analyze evidence and solve crimes. Learn more about the criminalist education and career path.… | Read More

Towards a greener future: 7 great degrees for careers in green technology

If you are interested in a career in a growing and environmentally-friendly field, check out these seven degrees in green technology.… | Read More

Resume tips: How to make your menial summer job sound great

No matter what you do at your summer job, you're developing skills that can build a resume. Turn even the most boring job into a career-building victory.… | Read More

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