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A Clever Networking Tool for Business Students

Listen up, MBA degree or entrepreneurial majors: if you’re not already networking, you’re missing exceptional opportunities to build your career. Everyone you meet during the course of your day–online or at campus–represents a possible connection to earnings and career stability. Don’t wait until graduation or your first job to have a set of business cards printed for you to hand people at meetings, in the gym, at social gatherings, trade shows, conventions, family picnics, or a… | Read More

Top Trends for Culinary Arts Students

If you’re considering taking culinary training or are already enrolled in an online degree program, you’ll have excellent job prospects when you graduate. The Department of Labor predicts that 351,000 new jobs will be added to the culinary field during the 2006-2016 decade. That’s an 11 percent raise in total opportunities across the country. If you’re just entering the professions and plan on working while you study, food preparation employees will find faster than average… | Read More

Travel Trends for Tourism Majors

If you’re a Travel and Tourism major, you’ll want to keep tabs on the industry. In your coursework, you’ll undoubtedly cover the types of packages most families look for year after year. At the same time, trends come and go. This year, with ever-increasing fuel and food prices, more and more consumers with children are seeking vacations that won’t bust the bankbook.

For 2008, vacation shoppers are looking at winter, summer, and four-season destinations to suit… | Read More

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