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Associate Degree Requirements

The City College of San Francisco is a ten campus community college serving over 100,000 students annually; the largest in the country. There is a full range of 50 academic programs and over 100 occupational disciplines that lead to degrees. The College lays out specific associates' degree requirements that likely reflect what you'll… | Read More

Top 10 Undergraduate Majors

Princeton Review’s annual survey of all things collegiate includes a list of the top ten majors for today’s college students. This list does not factor in the value of a degree in any of these fields, either in starting salary range or the availability of jobs in the field.… | Read More

Top 10 Undergraduate Schools, Colleges & Universities

College ranking surveys usually segment schools by category: the national universities, which have doctoral programs and research institutes; the schools that have master's degree programs but nothing beyond that point; and the schools that offer bachelors' degrees.… | Read More

Top 10 Online Colleges & Universities

The closest thing to an objective ranking of online, for-profit schools that we've been able to locate is the Online Education Database (OEDb), a website that ranks colleges based on several metrics including cost, acceptance rate, graduation rate, student-faculty ration, etc. These are the top ten online schools based on their rankings:
1. Nova Southeastern… | Read More

10 Medical Schools and Online Options

This article is about where to find the best online, accredited health care degrees. Never has there been a better time to pursue a nursing career or an X-ray technologist degree; as our population ages the health care industry has accelerated to a very rapid growth rate. Here are ten colleges with fully… | Read More

Psychiatry Schools & Colleges - Psychiatric Programs

A trained psychiatrist achieves his doctorate by following medical school with four years of residency in psychiatry. There is very little psychiatric training in medical school. So one of the methods recommended for evaluating the degree of respect and recognition a medical school psychiatric department receives is to look at the amount of… | Read More

What are Psychology Major Requirements?

A bachelors' degree in psychology incorporates a substantial number of core courses, as do all baccalaureate programs. Those courses are meant to provide the student with education in disparate fields that result in a widened perspective of the world.
The State University of New York (SUNY) campuses require 124 semester hours, or credits, for… | Read More

Top Ranked Schools 2010 - Best Colleges

US News and World Report recently published their annual -- and annually contentious -- rankings of the top colleges and universities in the country.
The usual suspects were present on the list of top universities: Harvard, Princeton, and Yale (in that order); as well at the liberal arts schools: Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore (in that… | Read More

Best Rated Colleges 2010 - Highest Rankings

US News and World Report's annual college ranking survey breaks schools into several academic divisions - National Schools, which are schools with doctoral and research programs, medical schools, and law schools; schools that offer up to a masters' degree; and schools that offer only baccalaureates. To further complicate things, a couple of these… | Read More

Top 10 Ranked Interior Design Schools - Best Colleges

Some fine arts academies have interior design schools, and conversely some design schools also are among the top fine art institutes. US News and World Report's annual college rankings recognizes four institutions as outstanding choices for an interior design degree.
Pratt Institute in New York offers Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) for interior design. Rhode… | Read More

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