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5 Ways Career Centers Can Help You

Career centers can be a big help when it comes to choosing your field of study or finding a job, but it's up to you to take charge and make the initial contact.

5 Ways Career Centers Can Help You

  1. Choosing a major. Not sure what to study? Career centers offer counseling, personality tests, and job inventories that can help you explore your skills, abilities, experiences, and jobs you might be suited for.
  2. Exploring career options. Perhaps you love your field. Maybe you always knew you were meant to major in business, or you've found your passion in studying French literature. But there's always the question of what jobs you can actually land with that particular major. Career centers can help you explore your options.
  3. Gaining experience. Many employers these days want experience. Of course, is if you can't get a job without experience, then how do you ever get the experience to land that first job? The answer is often found in two places: first, volunteer activities, and second, internships.
  4. Landing a job. Career center jobs are one of the greatest services that career centers offer. Career centers often have an Internet site with job postings; they also host career fairs and offer workshops on a variety of subjects from applying to law school to getting letters of recommendation to using a search engine to find jobs. Career centers also have staff who can offer tips on writing your resume, creating your cover letter, and doing well in the job interview. You can schedule a mock interview to practice your interviewing skills, or you can have a professional critique your resume.
  5. Preparing for graduate school. But what if you're not ready for full-time work just yet? What if you're ready to go on to medical school, or you studied poetry and now you want to earn an MFA? Career centers can also offer a variety of resources to help you prepare for graduate work. Whether you need advice on the LSAT or GRE, writing a personal statement that grabs the attention of the selection committee, or even finding schools with strong departments in your area of interest, your career center can help.

Career Center Jobs: Making the Most of Your Visit

If you want to get jobs from your college career center visit, make sure that you get as much as you can out of your appointment. The best way to do this is to know ahead of time what you want. Are you looking for advice on choosing a major? Write out some questions ahead of time. Are you looking for a job? Have your resume and even a sample cover letter ready. You'll get much more specific, applicable advice if the career counselor knows where you're at.

Career centers don't necessarily provide remedies for all of your college and job problems, but they are a great way to get started on the right career track.

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