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We bring students together to get you the inside scoop about colleges and universities across America. Our education experts highlight degrees and programs that might help you pursue a career path you've always been interested in.

The 10 most influential people in online education

Online education owes its success to the teachers, administrators and technology developers who believed in the power of technology to transform how we learn and expand access to education. Here's a look at ten innovators in online education.… | Read More

10 Steps to Creating a Resume from Scratch

From our friends at… | Read More

Road trip! Tips for planning your campus visits, questions to ask

What's the best way to make sure you get everything you need out of a campus visit?… | Read More

The 9 Most Bizarre College Courses in America

If you must... temper your tough semester with bizarre college courses that include studies in beer history, zombies, tractor driving, bagpipe playing and more.… | Read More

Audience Response Technology in the Classroom

Nervous to ask a question or afraid you'll give the wrong answer in class when called upon? Find out how technology continues to change the classroom.… | Read More

Job Search Mistakes of New College Grads

From our friends at MyResumeShop -- great tips for first-time jobseekers.… | Read More

The 40 Most Trusted Education Blogs

Unveiling our first annual list of the web’s 40 Most Trusted Education blogs.… | Read More

Celebrating Presidents Day: The Education of Our National Leaders

As the leader of the most powerful country in the world, the President of the United States must responsibly manage both domestic and international affairs.… | Read More

Top Careers for 2011

Do what you love. We’ve all heard this old adage, and though it’s good advice, when it comes to finding a great job, it’s rarely enough. Earning potential, flexibility and demand are other important considerations. Adaptability in the wake of technological advancements or social shifts is another. The following careers… | Read More

6 Sites that Help Students Learn

Americans live in an increasingly plugged-in world. A 2009 study by the Pew Research Center found that 93 percent of teens and young adults age 12 to 29 use the Internet. Of that number, 68 percent use the Internet to get news about current events and politics, 73 percent use… | Read More

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