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Top 10 Green Scholarships For College Students

College graduates with degrees in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies or who have taken at least a core group of classes emphasizing sustainability, conservation biology, wetland ecology, natural history, energy or similar programs are finding that their educational training is in high demand. An emerging "green industry" is taking shape, one that works hand and hand with current businesses while taking a futuristic approach to solving today's environmental challenges in bold new ways.

Because of the critical importance of discovering ways on how to use less fuel, renew our resources, clean up the land, and be better stewards of the earth, money is flowing into scholarship funds supporting students whose work will help improve the world. The federal government is behind promoting environmental change which means that generous donors are confident that a sharp increase in green technology jobs will soon come about.

There are many new "green scholarships" out there although not all use the term "green" in their language. We've scoured through scores of them and have turned up ten that we think future green industry grads will want to review:

1. Blade Your Ride Scholarship

The company who developed an automotive device for the purpose of reducing emissions of CO2 and toxic particulate material, awards more than $30,000 to undergraduate or graduate students of any major who is also passionate about the global climate crisis. A grand prize scholarship of $15,000 with three $5000 runner up scholarships are awarded annually.

2. Dan David Prize

The Dan David Prize laureates annually donate twenty scholarships of $15,000 each to outstanding doctoral and post-doctoral students of exceptional promise in the chosen fields. Ten scholarships are awarded to students at Tel Aviv University with the remaining ten awarded to students attending universities around the world.

3. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Student Fellowships

The US EPA awards fellowships for students that are directly related to their undergraduate or graduate studies. The named NNEMS fellows conduct research projects to augment their academic studies, which EPA supports with financial aid.

4. Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship

Administered by The Wilderness Society, this annual $10,000 scholarship is for the graduate student in support of their research and preparation of a paper on some particular aspect of the wilderness, preferably relating to climate change or other topics related to wilderness conservation.

5. Nicodemus Wilderness Project - Apprentice Ecology Initiative

Students who like to pick up trash, plant trees or have discovered a novel way to help the earth can earn an award for their environmental passion. $500 educational scholarships are awarded each year for the writers of the ten best essays.

6. Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Thanks to a $600,000 grant from the National Science Foundation, students from a variety of educational backgrounds can apply for scholarships worth $9,000 per year for two years. Targeting economically disadvantaged students who attend community colleges for the first two years of college, the NSF grant is for students majoring in zoology, plant biology, toxicology, chemistry or civil and environmental engineering, and similar fields.

7. Surfrider Foundation Scholarship

Though no awards were given for 2009, the Surfrider Foundation expects to grant scholarships again for 2010. Merit based awards for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level students are awarded, by an organization dedicated to protect and preserve the world's oceans and beaches.

8. University of Pittsburgh Environmental Studies

Enrolled Pitt students can apply for field experience/study abroad scholarships for up to $2000 for the spring or summer terms. Department of Geology and Planetary Science's Environmental Studies majors will find this scholarship useful for offsetting the costs related to field camps or studying abroad.

9. USC Environmental Studies

The University of Southern California, Environmental Studies department offers several merit-based scholarships annually to students enrolled in two of their programs. GPA of 3.30 or higher is necessary in order to apply.

10. Windstar Environmental Studies Scholarship Program

Co-founded by the late singer/songwriter and environmental activist, John Denver, the Windstar Foundation offers scholarships to select undergraduate and graduate students whose majors include either Environmental Engineering or Environmental Studies.

And just in case you aren't certain where you'll get your "green education" you may want to check out The Princeton Review's Green Honor Roll to find the schools that not only implement environmental education but put into practice their own sustainability efforts.

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