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Top Online Resources for Phlebotomy Students

If a phlebotomy career is in your blood, and you're pursuing career development in the field, here are some key online resources that provide information about the order of the draw, ongoing training, and professional certifications.

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
Since its founding in 1967, the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) has become the leader in setting voluntary standards for phlebotomists and other health care technicians who collect samples. The CLSI website contains member forums, opportunities for volunteers and researchers, and a terminology database.

The CLSI sets standards for materials procedures, and methodology, guidelines, and reports. You can also download (for purchase) research articles in Chemistry, Hemostasis, Immunology, Quality Assurance, Microbiology, Laboratory, and more.

Phlebotomy Pages
This resource website hosts discussion groups and forums on Phlebotomist Jobs and Work, Phlebotomy Regulations and Rules, Venipuncture Tips, Passing Phlebotomy Exams, Phlebotomy Externship/Volunteer Work opportunities, and more.

There are also informational articles and detailed procedure videos on Venipuncture (by syringe, Vacutainer, butterfly needle, and finger stick), on the Vacutainer System, New Safety Tubes, Exposure Prevention, Spills Cleanup, Venipuncture Vocabulary, Phlebotomy Study Sheets on The Blood Panel, Blood The Fluid of Life, How to Handle the Fearful Child, and other topics.
Members can view lists of certification agencies, phlebotomy links, school directories, speaker services on this comprehensive site. Members receive access to Phlebotomy Central, the section of the site where they can read current and archived issues of Phlebotomy Today magazine, download detailed "To the Point" articles on collection tips, and scan The Manager's Toolbox, documents, charts and literature for education.

National Phlebotomy Association
This non-profit certification organization offers exams and training materials to practicing phlebotomists seeking credentials. They offer a free download of their the National Phlebotomy Association General Information Handbook, designed to review the application and qualification requirements for certification.

The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians
The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) is the second-oldest certifying agency for phlebotomists. You'll find information about the certificate exams as well as home-study materials and member newsletters.

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